Who's Who in the White Lady

Antonia Bagouraki


Co-founder of the White Lady with her Uncle Vasilis (Billy - who is the brother of Kiki, Antonia's mum). Antonia's husband is Yiannis who you will also see in the White Lady. They have two children, Nikos and Eleftheria. Most of Antonia's sisters work in the White Lady, Yiasemi (Jasmine), Yiorgia, and Roula. You may meet her brothers and her other sister sometime, Christos, Yiorgos and Aryiro.



Yiannis Bagourakis


Antonia's husband, Yiannis, has not always worked in the White Lady. He used to have a bar in Rethymno, but joined Antonia in the White Lady after their marriage in 1992. You may see some of Yianni's family in the White Lady from time to time, his dad, Nikos, mother, Eleftheria, and brother Thanasis. His sisters occasionally visit (Olga and Maria, along with their husbands and children) and when he is on holiday, brother Yiorgos and his wife Hanneka and their children (Eleftheria and Manuel) will drop in.

Vasilis - Billy


Vasilis is Antonia's uncle and co-founder of the White Lady. He is the joker of the team and is often playing practical jokes or performing conjuring tricks. You will regularly see his children Iro and Akis in the White Lady.



Behind the bar - Roula, Jo Jo & Roger

RoulaJo JoAndreas

Roula is Antonia's youngest sister, married to Panayiotis and now with a young daughter and son (Ioanna and Eleftheris). Roula has been working in the White Lady since she was very young. She has been working behind the bar for many years (since she had to stand on a box to see over the bar) and there's not much she doesn't know about making the cocktails you all love to drink on your holidays. Jo Jo Has been on bar duty since April 2009 and is one of our star karaoke singers. Both girls work in the evenings. Roger has been performing in the bar since helping Roula when she was pregnant with Eleftheris. He decided he liked it, but now works mostly mornings with Vasilis and when not in the bar he is usually sleeping or doing something with the White Lady website.

In the kitchen - Yiasemi, Yiorgia & Flora


Yiasemi and Yiorgia are two of Antonia's sisters and they have been with the White Lady since the beginning. Flora has been part of the team since 1996. Between them they cook up the best meals for miles around. The Webmaster's favourites are Kleftiko, Cretan style potatoes, Koukouvaya and, believe it or not, English breakfast. Of course, he gets to eat Greek food every day and English breakfast is the nearest he comes to nostalgia. Check out the Menus page for some of the White Lady specialities.


Front of house - Loukas


Loukas started in 2006 and I cannot imagine the White Lady without him. Helping Loukas from time to time are younger members of the family who serve you with those delicious ouzo concoctions and clear the tables. If anyone is wondering where Manolis is this year (2011), he's in the army (yes, we still have conscription in Greece).